Should I hire a professional product photographer?

For you to be asking this question and reading this article, you must have a business or an online store and you’re wondering if it is worth hiring someone to photograph your products for you. Maybe you don’t have the necessary equipment to do it, you do not have the time, or, you simply want a professional look for your products and store. Either way, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be giving you five reasons why you should hire a professional product photographer.

1- Professional Quality

A professional product photographer has the proper equipment that not everyone has, starting from a professional camera, lenses, lightboxes, and tripods, to having the necessary knowledge. And that is crucial if you want to have high resolution and higher quality pictures.

2- Consistancy

You might be wondering what does it mean to be consistent when it comes to product photography?

Consistency means having a unique style to your pictures. And the lighting, background colors, and style and resolution of the images is similar across all pictures which makes your page, website, or portfolio unique and attractive, and will make people want to see more of your work and products.

3- Editing (Photoshop/Lightroom)

Now, this is a very important point. I have seen so many businesses use unedited images for their products, and trust me, it looks terrible. Editing the pictures after taking them is really important, it brings out the colors, fixes the brightness, and sometimes even changes the background or the layout of the images to create the consistent look we were talking about in the previous point. And to do that, you have to have at least a basic knowledge of photoshop or lightroom.

4- Sales / ROI (Return On Investment)

Hiring a product photographer is actually an investment in itself, and like any other investment, you expect to have a return on investment or what we shortly call ROI. And having professional photos of your products will drastically boost your sales, and therefore, increase your income. It takes a little bit of time of course, but, it is definitely worth it.

Studies have shown that a website or a Facebook page with catchy photos tends to sell much more than one with average or ordinary to bad ones. And that is the whole point of having an online presence (increase your income) and having professional photos is a very important part of that process.

5- Brand recognition

Using high-quality photos on your website, Facebook page, or in your advertising campaigns will improve your reputation. Sites with a professional look generate much more traffic, and often, on Facebook, good looking and catchy images generate much more interactions (likes, shares, comments) and that will also help you get more recognized by the search engines and Facebook algorithms and you will be pushed to the top of search results and gain more visibility.

So now that you see how important it is to have professional-looking photographs of your products, are you considering hiring one? Do you have any questions? Please, feel free to contact us and we will answer all of your questions.

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